What Else Can You Do?

Today, to be honest, I was not my best version of myself. We ALL have those days though. I pondered for hours, after the encounter I had, what I could’ve done differently? Not just today, but many other days when I faced the same struggle, in the past. I finally came to realize there wasn’t anything I could do differently, because that situation would always be what it is because of those involved and their mindset. Some people don’t want peace and happiness, it suffocates their very existence. Some people want blood (your blood), brokenness, and bitterness. They want us at our worst selves, because they can’t seem to come out of their worst selves. They are trapped in misery and hate you for breaking free from what they couldn’t. They hate the fact that you didn’t die in the very thing they strategically planned for your demise. The plan they literally dedicated their lives to has yet to work, and they hate you for it. They set out to destroy you, only to find out just how resilient and strong being healed has made you. They hate the fact that your very existence disrupts their peace (like it always has), meanwhile you are not the least bit bothered by theirs (like you once were). How dare you have peace when they have fought so hard to disrupt it?!  How dare you smile after they’ve done all they could to cause you to be a sobbing, depressed, mess?! How dare you live?!

Listen, if any of this resonates with you please be encouraged, it’s not you it’s them. There’s nothing you can do, outside of praying about it and letting God work it out. He’s the best one for the job anyway.

Pray for even those that set out to “destroy” you. There’s so much power and healing in praying for your enemies. Let the ill will they carry towards you be theirs alone. Let that be their karma.

You have fought too hard for your peace to allow it to be disrupted by the desire to wish harm on those that set out to harm you.

Even if you fell momentarily (I definitely have), or got tangled in the web of chaos spun for you. Break free, and as hard as you fought to get free, fight that hard to stay free!

Just like any journey, this healing journey has some good days and some bad ones. It doesn’t mean you are no longer on the journey, and it doesn’t nullify the healing you have already achieved.

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