Keep Calm and Trust God...

"...Before my blood and urine results came back, the doctor appeared to know what was going on with me based on the pelvic exam he had done. I will never forget how that doctor yelled at me. He told me I was throwing my life away. He was being judgmental and presumptuous, but he was right. As I waited for him to come back with my results, I reflected on his words. I really had been throwing my life away at this point. Yet I covered it up so well. On the outside looking in, I was doing great, especially in the eyes of my peers. I was making money, had two jobs, I was in school. I had, what some considered, a baller boyfriend that wasn't a street dude. In actuality I was still so reckless though. I didn't value my body or my life. The doctor finally came back in and the look on his face was different. He seemed angry and slightly disgusted before, now he seemed somber and concerned. He pulled the stool up in front of me and sat down. He proceeded to tell me that the infection was what he feared it was and that upon my vaginal exam he could see the infection was pretty bad and that this kind of infection can make me sterile. I looked confused, which quickly changed to shock when he said, "Ms. Brown you may never be able to have children." That statement echoed. I felt as if the entire emergency room heard what he just said and heard the loud thud of my heart falling to the floor."

That is an excerpt from my book 'I Survived the Enemy in the House'. That happened when I was 19 years old, I got pregnant and had a miscarriage later that same year; which seemed to confirm that doctor's prediction. I am 40 years old now with not only one, but two amazing sons. The doctor said I would probably never have ANY children, but God said that I shall have TWO. I want to encourage someone reading this, dealing with any obstacle today. Whether it is concerning a medical diagnosis, a career goal, an academic goal, something with family, etc. You have been told "No" or "You probably won't...", but know that God is not limited to the diagnoses or predictions of man. He can do literally ANYTHING! Trust Him and the plans He has for your life. 

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